• PRI – Is a prison sentence always the solution ?

    PRI – Is a prison sentence always the solution ?

    A new short animated film from PRI, looking at the damaging impact of the unnecessary use …

  • Global Forest Watch

    Global Forest Watch

    Commissioned by the World Resources Institute, this video is a launch trailer for Global Forest Watch, …

  • Campaign Trailer

    Campaign Trailer

    Client: Johnson & Johnson Design/animation: Guillaume Le Roux  

  • Footlose


    Footlose – Open title

  • Gamble City

    Gamble City

    Personal Training // C4D-AE Short personal project, experimenting animation in C4D with some models of the …

  • Numericable


    6 sec Billboard Client: Numericable Production: Vision-Integrale Sound: Comptoir du Son et des Images 2012

  • Demo reel 2011

    Demo reel 2011


  • Demo reel 2010

    Demo reel 2010


  • Skoda Billboard

    Skoda Billboard

    6 sec Billboard Client: Skoda Production: Vision-Intégrale Sound: Comptoir du Son et des Images 2011

  • Sea


    Personal training // ambiance Adaptation of Matthew Lyons’s illustration work matthew-lyons.com/ Big fan of this artist, …

  • Checks


    Personal training // 5sec Animation Music : little people

  • Pages Jaunes

    Pages Jaunes

    6 sec Billboard Client: Pages Jaunes Production: NextProd Sound: Comptoir du Son et des Images

  • Special tees

    Special tees

    Personal training // 5sec Animation Music: Gramatik

  • IT for Business Forum

    IT for Business Forum


  • Mademoiselle Sarong

    Mademoiselle Sarong

    Directed by Franck Marchal Music by Marc Minelli

  • ParieSurTonBac


    Student project ! Just having fun, another way to pass an exam ! A 2 days …



    Directed by Franck Marchal Lighting by Olivier Ronot Compositing by Guillaume Le Roux 2011

  • Cofee Birds

    Cofee Birds